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Self-Love & Yoga

There are healing opportunities hidden in everyday experiences. In a piece of music, in the chatter of a coffee shop, in the smile of a child, in the sound of the wind in the trees, in the taste of the air.

Why then, will one person have a miserable day, and another will have a wonderful one? Both had the same physical experiences; they went to the same job, had the same coffee, spoke with the same coworkers. One person will say to their partner “I had to listen to my boss complain all day.” The other person will say “My boss trusted me with his feelings today. We had some great conversations.”
What makes the internal experiences of these two people differ so much? It is not religion, it is not ethnicity, it is not external circumstances. It is due to the psychologies of the two people being vastly different. This difference causes the perception of some situations to differ as well. There is much to discuss on this topic, but here, I will discuss the yogic thought on this phenomenon.

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